ArtShopDIDIKO - Didi and Koko

Hey Everyone!

We are Mom and Son! Artists by day at @artshopdidiko (our art shop), Graphic Designers by night at @didikodesigns (our site).
We create every single of our designs with much creativity and love because we want it to be unique to you!

Happy Crafting Y’all!

ArtShopDIDIKO - Didi

Hi, I'm Didi!

By profession I’m textile engineer. When I was a little I found that I love to draw, I love to create, I love to designing. So, I decided to graduate a textile engineer – making clothes from the sketch to the final product. I decided to open my own art shop for handmade and my son supported me. He created this website/store for SVGs and he made me feel really happy, proud and amazing! With my son, we are an awsome team and when we have a free time, and we are not working in our atelier we are creating all the unique designs you can see here.

ArtShopDIDIKO - Koko

Hi, I'm Koko!

I’m a student in a professional school, specialized in Computer Equipment Technology. When I finish school, I will start my master’s degree for a graphic designer, this is my dream. The thing I love the most is to draw – I get it from my mama…haha. I love to work in our art shop, but when I have free time, I’m creating digital designs with my mom!